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When you need a listening ear or want to grow into new ways of being, I can help you do that! With over 20 years as a success coach, and trainer in communication, leadership, navigating change, stress management and navigating the challenges of life I believe in a person centered approach to coaching where you uncover and discover what you value the most.
Well-being coach to global corporate clients working towards positive and healthy habits, work-life balance, additionally provide on-site and virtual stress management trainings to a variety corporations.
I am also available for career change coaching, recovery/sobriety coaching, mindfulness, and emotional navigation.
Experience with relationship break-ups and moving on.

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If you're coming from a place of panic and desperation, you may find it difficult to get anything up and running. What are your job skills? What do you like to do? You may very well have to do work that is not your ideal, but can give you an income, and build from there. If you would like more specific help with your particular situation, please set up a phone session.

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