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I can create a successful trading plan for you based on the Unique 7 point check system, which is proven to recover bad forex account to profit. Expert on Forex money management and forex trading systems, Metatrader development of Expert Advisers for forex trading platforms, I have developed very successful auto-trading EA strategies and systems. I can assist with any issues on current or in development forex auto traders.
Any kind of open source development (Java,js,php,python,grails) WordPress plugin development,

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Hi , I have experience on Google Drive , development , mostly Google SpreadSheets add-on and triggers with google script web scraping updating google spreadsheet and email notification based on search, If I have more knowledge about your requirement , maybe I can help, thanks

Hi , I think I can help you in Metatrader , If I have more Info about requirements for your strategy , From your question if I understand right you based on some entry signal you want to build multiple entry positions with different lots size till exposition of a trend and gradually close (exit) the position and also your entry must have different lot size based on signal strength (MA(50,100,200) or/and MACD) or something else

Hi, WP is a good CMS but is open for too much attacks Js DB Injections (security holes) , this can slow down your performance , this days there is a plenty WP plugins, so my suggestion will be to start installing security plugins like "All In One WP Security & Firewall" just search google for "wordpress security plugin +free" after that search for wordpress store plugin free or themes no codding need it , but most important think for your performance would be your hosting (shared or not), if you have dedicated server would be good

From technical point of view the site look well design and professional , but it is little bit slow loader , need maybe load test , change of standard templates or CMS or server your site is running on, next step would be running social campaign , for your site , LinkedIn , FB , Insta , search for professionals in LinkedIn and contact them , look for a local website as craiglist or news paper for ad campain

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