MICHAEL MURDOCH CEO / Business Advisor / Mentor / Investor

Founder of digital branding agency The House and formula for sales - www.storycube.co.uk.

Brand Strategist with nearly 20 years working with emerging and established organisations around the world like NHS, MTV, Diabetes UK, Sanyo, Fairtrade and Nokia to smaller startups like Franklin Scholars, Mixcloud and Olive Branch.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins, UWE and Oxford University, I love working with entrepreneurs and aim to pass on my skills and expertise to help them excel.

I believe companies should be more human, should have purpose and the best brands make you feel something in your heart. It's time to believe in business as unusual, let's dream, create and amaze.

Recent Answers

I work with lots of Edtech startups via Emerge.education. I support them with coaching, mentoring, business and brand advice. I can also help build websites and apps, so perhaps we should have a chat.

My advice is not to dive into the tech side of things until the value proposition is right. Sounds like you're well on your way though.

Let me know if you want chat.


P.S. My website is www.thehouselondon.com

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