Zoltan Lukac20+ yrs marketing, sales and general management.

Business manager with over 20 years experience in general management, marketing, sales, operations and supply chain with multinational companies such as Kraft Foods (Mondelez), Philip Morris and AmRest Holdings.

Fluent in English, German and Spanish, with advanced French and Polish, Zoltan has lived and worked in Peru, USA, France, Mexico, Poland and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Zoltan has a strong multicultural background and has further developed a deep cross-cultural sensitivity.

Zoltan holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in business administration, international trade and marketing as well as certifications in finance, restaurant operations and digital marketing.

12 years experience in the Food & Beverage industry:
• B-2-C and B-2-B, managing dry and refrigerated goods.
• Product expertise includes beverages, coffee, cheese, confectionery, chocolate, cereals, viscous, savory snacks and tortillas / flatbreads.
• Team leadership in marketing, business development, sales and general management.
• Managed brands such as Marlboro, Kraft, Philadelphia and Jacobs.
• Sales clients included McDonalds, Compass, Sodexo, Metro, Pepsi,

8 years experience in the Restaurant industry:
• Managed full service and quick service global and regional brands, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Starbucks, Applebees and Chili's.
• First CMO at AmRest Holdings, Europe’s largest independent restaurant operator.
• Build and developed teams in the areas of marketing, architecture & design, new product development, public relations, operations and supply chain, including manufacturing.

Core competencies include new market entry, go-to-market planning, new business development, organizational structure and team development, launch and development of new brands, products and services; business processes, strategic marketing, project planning, design thinking and a strong multicultural and multilingual background.

Recent Answers

Ali M's advise is right on. Given you're a start-up, therefore, an entrepreneur, I add: YOU are the most "affordable marketing expert" your start-up can hire! In addition to that realization:
- How much marketing investment (that includes the overhead) can you afford in your 5-year business plan? Add 10% and go for it.
- Do you have a top marketing strategist on your advisory board? It's likely to be the best value for money you will be able to get.

Jason K's answer hits the nail at every point! Just to add:
- Are you in a growing segment and did you sign up with the right brand and franchisor? If you didn't, don't throw good money after bad money and get out as unscathed as you can and move on. You can't change those factors.
- If you have scale (more than say 10 locations?), use it to your advantage and build the best team you can afford.
- Does your store GM have clear KPI's, among them Transaction (Tx) and Average Guest Check (AGC)?
- Map your 5 minute universe and own it with Local Store Marketing (LSM), not just flyers, but true community engagement.

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