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Entrepreneur. Founder @ Adomi. Passionate about helping people develop their careers in the same way my mentors helped me! Previous work: Deloitte, managed teams of 100+ ambassadors during my time @ UCSB (Go Gauchos!). I can help you with: all things related to startups, public speaking, business development, sales, strategy, management, accounting, finance, emotional/mental health, pep talks, and tiny homes (ADUs)!

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Hello! As a Co-Founder and Head of Development, I've created multiple pitch decks and presentations for investors. I've worked with my mentors to make sure that our company's pitch decks and presentations engage our audience.

One thing to note: You can have the best idea in the world, but if it's not communicated correctly, the people you are presenting will not pay any attention or feel inclined to give you money. It's very important to incorporate engaging elements (like a relatable story outlining the problem your business is solving) into your presentation to make sure that grabs your audience's attention. I would be happy to provide some feedback on your deck in a follow-up call!

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