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Metaphysicist . Spiritualist . Alchemist. Healing . Spiritual Counselor, Seance reader, Life, goals , relationships , business Advisor, love, Satanist . Occultist. ⚡

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My job is to give u clarity and Insight into the situations in your life . And to answer any questions you may have concerning those situations and your well being.

I am not a psychic. As everything is always subject to change .
I am a mind Reader, emotional interpret, energy sourcer , Medium , and I tell u the accuracy surrounding your emotions , consciousness and circumstances to help you to better understand the Situations In Your Life , and help to give you sound , positive advice to conquer, prevail and succeed.✨ 

I have been giving people Clarity , and Necromancy , Life advising , Over the Phone and in person for over 7 years .

✨ I Specialize in Relationship Advice, Career, Family Life , Self Love , spiritual Guidance , Parenthood , financial Advice , and Business .

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Invest , heavily , in yourself and Marketing , Marketing , Marketing . ❤

No . It actually is a great a idea . An even better idea is to make sure that each market of business you bring in is very diverse , but that you are knowledgeable of , from the other . That way , your market brackets will differ , you will gain an amazing amount of vast experience , and you will always find challenges , learning new tools for expanding , and never get bored. Again the key here is diversity , but , Knowledgeable . Organization , and you won't be overwhelmed .

Well , first , you have to know exactly what you want to produce , and why . Then, you have to think about the brand of market that is viable at the moment , and/or the consumers you want to attract/market to . You have to brainstorm , figure in the cost of production & distribution + profit.

This won't happen overnight . Its going to take a lot of research , observation , planning and funding , of course .

But those are keynote factors you need to significantly consider , if you want to at least get your business headed in a successful direction . ✨

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