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Nomad, vagabond, and author of the New York Time's best selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. I'm the founder of Nomadic Matt's Travel Site, the largest independent budget travel website in the world with over 1 million visitors per month. I'm a regular keynote speaker in travel and media. I consult with blogs and start ups on entering the travel space.

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I think it would be very good and based on what I've seen, in great demand by a lot of people. I know of a site already trying to build this model called ThinkPlaces. It all depends on the quality of the experts you have. Many "travel" experts are not really experts at all, just long-term travelers with opinions.

Rates are very low in the travel space, especially online. You can expect to be paid per article not per word. You're looking at probably a couple hundred bucks for a 1000 word article, though that's at the higher end. Even CNN only pays a few hundred for an online article of about 800 words. Long time freelance established writers get about $1.00 a word.

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