Kirsten E. Ross, SPHR, MLIRBoard Member at Turning Point

Founder Focus Forward Coaching & Recruiting. I am a Leadership Coach, Human Resource Professional and Author of "From People Problems to Productivity".

The strategies I use have helped hundreds achieve success in their work and personal lives. The ultimate goal is to generate fueled, fired up and focused leaders and teams!

I will help you remove the barriers to great leadership and create a culture that connects with your customers.

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Most entrepreneurs I work with are wired to blend work and life over a 24/7 period rather than having hard stops and rigidity. You still want schedules but if you have the option to do work that fits your priorities and energy level at the moment do it!

If it's Tuesday morning and doing a family activity makes sense go ahead without guilt. If you have the energy and inspiration to conduct business on a Saturday morning have at it.

The goal is to use all hours to their best and not be tied to traditional work hours. BUT, to achieve balance, you must make sure that one area of your life does not bleed into others. Make sure that over the course of a week you are carving out appropriate time for all aspects of your life. Saying you can work 24/7 doesn't mean all hours are assigned to that activity. It means you can be flexible with when you work and when you spend time with family.

There is no perfect time to start a business. If you are passionate about what you do you'll have the tenacity to keep going. Make sure to balance work and life and focus on the task at hand. You'll need to recover and your baby will consume a lot of your time for a while. Don't feel frutrated if things don't go as planned. Just know that they won't! You will probably need to just fit the business in and be flexible. You don't say whether your income is a need or an extra. That will definitely be a factor in how much time you have to build to a steadier income.

Once hired you must give someone the opportunity to be successful. This means communicating clear expectations about what success looks like in the organization. This should include behaviors as well as tasks. From there the employee has the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether they will or can conform. If they are not able to meet the standards they may self-select out or you will need to terminate. A person who doesn't fit is uncomfortable themselves and creates dissonance amongst your team. They can not stay. Going forward make sure to use great behavioral based interviewing questions so that future hires are a better fit.

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