Mor AssoulineSales Practitioner for B2B SaaS Startups

My first job out college was a cold calling position for a legit company. Twenty minutes into the new job, I approached my boss and told him I quit. I was no salesperson, scared that I'd fail and anxious at the thought of picking up the phone to speak with a stranger. I avoided anything sales for 2 straight years. At 24 years old, I decided that instead of being an entitled bum thinking that the world and time would wait up for me, I got my real estate license and did exactly what my broker told me to do. From 8AM - 11AM I cold-called, from 12PM - 1PM I door knocked, and from 2:00PM - 6PM I cold call for Allstate. After 12 months, I did not succeed as a real estate agent, but I had made over 72,000 cold calls and shed my "entitlement skin." Since that time, I've been working on re-claiming those wasted years, pledging to never be complacent or entitled. I am now the VP of Sales at PracticePanther, the #1 cloud based case management software used by thousands of attorneys in over 170 countries. I am also a B2B Inside sales advisor for SaaS companies, helping them scale using systems that optimize their sales and customer experience processes. My Why: I love finding value in things that are hidden. Follow me on:

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