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#1. Specialize in just 1 (at first) service that is teachable
#2. Create a specific, repeatable process
#3. Incentivise people to make sales while your fulfill orders (or vice versa)
#4. Read Built to sell...

If your organization is small/ flexible enough, I prefer to ask each employee individually just that. Some want experience to take with them as a stepping stone, others want different hours so they can go back to school, or others desperately want some shared revenue that stays as long as they do.... etc. But my STRONG advice would be to ask them :)

#1. Decide to invest just enough time to solve your specific goal and then move on to the next goal. DO NOT LEARN JUST TO LEARN (that's a hobby, not a business)
#2. Read Google's Guide on SEO
#3. Read this short article, it's the BEST SEO ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ
#4. Publish content that webmasters will WANT to link to (ie. it's genuinely useful for THEIR audience which ideally is YOUR audience as well)
#5. GET LINKS THAT WILL SEND YOU LEADS if you sell anything by picking up the phone and calling people or reaching out proactively somehow just as if it were sales itself you are doing.
#6. Choose keywords your prospects are using by looking at the Google's Keyword tool, and start out with longer tail phrases until you start noticing that you can rank for harder and harder ones
#7. Did I mention to avoid learning for the sake of learning? It's a black hole that will suck your life up with no return. Just learn what you need to know to solve the next problem directly in front of you and then move on :)

#1. Find qualified workers
#2. Pitch prospects, build estimates using the workers' advice
#3. Close the sale, take a deposit
#4. Get workers started, do NOT pay a deposit
#5. Repeat
#6 Add additional qualified staff as needed to solve specific needs AS THEY ARISE (different clients, bookkeeping, whatever)
***as you see, "starting" or "owning" a creative agency is a completely different daily job than BEING a creative worker. Do NOT own an agency if you just want to do creative work, there are other ways to increase your pay per day if that's your only goal... but if you want to own a business and create free time while increasing your income- then give up on wanting to do creative work itself and learn to execute the entrepreneurial process I layed out and read "Built To Sell"

What would make you WANT to leave a review if you were them? .... a future discount? knowing it helps the staff who helped you?

Without knowing what you sell, it's difficult to give you specific ideas. But here's an out-of-the-box example.... print simple business cards with instructions on the back that offer to share a secret password which activates a game you can play on Google search.... "Review us on Google Maps and then email us to get the secret word"... etc

#1. Record your next sales call.
#2. Put that copy on the landing page.
#3. Add in all the objections you have to overcome before completing a sale.
#4. Remove any barriers like too high of a price, too complicated to sign up, too long to wait for a reply, etc. (you can add each one back later like increasing prices, so you know it's effects on sales).
#5. Promote the page to specific groups that are most likely to purchase.
#6. Hire me, I'll help you do it :)

#1 => You/ your family live healthy.
#2 => Time spent excited about goals > time spent stressed about money
#3 => You have a mathematical calculation proving your goals will be met by the year they need to be (house, retirement, etc).
#3.5 => Find peace within yourself for executing opportunities that meet your goals. Just as our ancestors have had to do for thousands of years and who were no less valuable or even less happy just because they had to farm/ make barrels/ etc.

Create a coupon code for 100% off, share it with your network and offer them free consulting up to 15 minutes for the next 10 days. This will get you some reviews and hopefully some referrals :)

Google says you need "4-12 months" here (video @ 1:27)...

Double your price, and offer a 50% discount + a commission structure (paid regularly, NOT at the "end of a project")... if they sign a 12 month contract so you can do your job properly & according to Google's recommendation.

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