Ask The NurseLicensed nurse with minor in psychology

I am: a licensed nurse with a minor in psychology, life coach, freelance writer, and published author.

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Potential employers really appreciate honesty! Example: "I was conflicted during that time, deciding which course of life to take."

Take a deep breath, first of all. We all start new careers with that pit in our belly aching from the unknown. AND, we all lived! It just takes one moment of courage to decide to change careers, one moment to search for new careers, one moment to apply for a new career, and--this is the most important one: one moment to walk through those new doors. Just show up! Everything else will fall into place.

I've published a book, and worked on it's website. It was the most wonderful and stressful time of my life! The best thing I did was take a break from them both for a week or so. I would come back refreshed with renewed insights, ideas and creativity.

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