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In my experience coaching hundreds of people, anytime you go against your gut (aka intuition) you will lose. Data is important to consider, but your gut often knows the path.

Talk to a mortgage specialist and borrow from a private lender, the interest rate will be more then the bank rate, but less then the rates on your unsecured credit.

Get rid of em, the sooner the better. You are doing yourself, and the employee a disservice by keeping them around.

Debt is nothing more than a math problem. You modify the equation (income/expenses). You modify the outcome. Simple as that.

Over 20 years in the debt relief space has shown me its nothing more than a physiological problem, once you get your mindset in check, the math problem takes care of itself.

Create value for a company, or start up a business. Either way, you need to boost your income. Big time.

If you only have $50 to your name, forget about the debt right now, focus on creating value for a company, or as an entrepreneur. Money will follow if you do it right.

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