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It is twenty five years now when I started to meditate. Through the years of my practice, I have developed a certain understanding of this art. I want to share my experiences with you as a meditation and spiritual guide in all the walks of life- personal, work, business, and motivational and spiritual development.

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I have done many a stage performances, and anchored live television shows in which viewers called and asked questions and gave their feedback too. The most important thing in public speaking is your confidence, for which reason, it can be nerve reckoning. Standing in front of a visible or not so visible audience and presenting yourself as an expert- the first question you may have to answer yourself is ‘do I even know anything?’ You got to convince yourself that you DO!!! The next question is ‘can I even do it?’ , and you got to answer Yes I CAN!
If I needed help with being a public speaker, I would definitely want to hire a motivation coach who also has experience with public speaking. What is important at the initial stages is the motivational push, a mentor who would give me that push and make me visualize myself actually doing it with confidence; someone who could help me calm my anxieties and nervousness. Whatever may be the goal of public speaking, this is the starting point.
I counsel my clients, and then take them on an inner journey through guided meditation so as to clear negativity related to themselves and public speaking. The subconscious is cleared of the clutter, which leads you to confidence. You are most welcome if you would like to talk to me about public speaking. Feel free to call or send follow up questions.
Sahar Raman Deep.

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