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3 years of MLM experience
4 years of Leadership course
4 years Team building experience

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What makes someone good at anything? Well, what makes anyone good at anything. It takes hard work, dedication, and grit. You need to study the craft of sales and study your personality. I will be honored to teach you the basics. I have 3 years of sales experience and success to help you. If I can do it as a 21 year old I’m sure I can help you do better!

I can understand the confusion I had the same question. I would always go for more pay but when I realized what a Title can provide it changed my whole perspective. In life there are people who understand how influence has more power than money. Yes, it is true that money can buy you anything you want or need. Money can even bring people into your life who want to be your friend, business partner, or “mentor”.
Unfortunately if that money runs out and people find that the people that would once do anything for them begin to slowly fade away. But when wise people begin to seek influence, to build rapport, and to create a relationship with people in and outside of work. These are the people who know where their friends mind and hearts are.
Having influence can also help create a pull, but honestly if you want to learn more and how give me a call.

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