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Youssef Zemhoute is a multi-lingual Entrepreneur from Germany. He is a Top Notch Consultant and provides international Services in Personal Development, Conciliation & Law, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

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You should learn the 2nd-Chance-Method. It's not really a Method, just about relationships and giving people the chance to return and buy. Most Sales people tend to sink and jump, if they see a No!-Face. Don't do that! No makes you better. Now, what are you going to do knowing that?

It's the wrong question. You should ask yourself: How do I want them to behave? And how do they want themselves to behave?

You should hire two UX experts as for IT it is crucial to the Company. The better the UX, the better your product I guess. So spent your whole Marketing budget in it if necessary but hire them on a long-term basis. They don't have to be older than 23 if you're a good leader and know how to present your thoughts, ideas and vision.

You cannot. You never know about it. In some countries it's even illegal to ask for another one's private net worth. In Sweden every salary has to be openly published. Move to Sweden!

It is the capacity to restart oneself over and over again. If we are talking about Sales, this is No. 1. You have to start from 0 to get to 1. And Marketing is somehow the City of Sales you have to be able to create. You won't be successful in it if you don't understand the ability to sell. Just learn it day by day! The quality has to be trustworthiness. If you can't be trusted you are a bad Salesperson and you'll decrease the image of salespersons.

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