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I'd say that market knowledge is incredibly important. You can buy a business at any revenue point, but if you don't know much about the market it's in or the industry, you could very well tank it.

Do your due diligence and understand your exact plan and intentions of what you'd do with the newly bought asset to make sure that it has the resources needed to continue doing it's best and growing.

With any mobile or web application you want to do one main thing:

Understand a user's journey through the app over time.

If you want the most professional and enterprise level of analytic information, i'd recommend a service called AppSee.

From the time a user logs into the app, to the actions they take, to retargeting and understanding their future behaviors, I can help you out further if you have any questions.

Matt McCullough

I've made a successful exit for my startup tech company. If you live in any major metropolitan area, there may be start-up booth and showcases. Events like this often attract investors. Show up with professional business cards and just get to know the community around you. Through those connections, they may have someone they know to help you find the right buyer for the business.

Feel free to hop on the phone with me through my profile if you have any questions.

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