Alexander MalchevskiyOrganisational design specialist.

I am 35 years old MBA, PhD, who have been in banking and general/senior management for almost 17 years. I was responsible for the operations, created products, was member and team leader of change management projects, digital transformation projects and M&A teams; was involved in business transformation processes in banks and financial groups.

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You have to ask yourself: Why I need a business partner?
What value this partner can bring to my business? How much this value costs? Does he/she shares the same values and has same vision like I do?
According to answers you can prepare a nice offer and a small presentation.
But do not forget to connect with your lawyer and prepare all the documents in a proper way, defending your part in the Company. (always do this)
Remember, that conflicts between partners are the fastest way to the destruction of the company.
Have questions? Call me. I am MBA, PhD, professional in business transformation and business development.

Hello, I am MBA, PhD, experienced at Business Transformation & Change management.
From where I stand, I have to notice, that blaming industry/business is not the solution.
First of all, you need to re-think role and mission of your company. You have 55 years of company history - I am sure, that during these years your Company met and successfully overcame hundreds of troubles. Maybe the answer is there, maybe not.
If you need any help with new ideas, transformation or you need an advice - just give me a call.

First, you need to understand which financiers you are applying to: bankers, investment bankers, financial directors of companies, insurers or project financiers?
But one way or another, there will be two main questions: How much will it cost our company and How much money will it bring to us?
Any technology should solve some problem of customers and solve as cheaply as possible. Then it will be in demand and the company will get a significant competitive advantage.
Meanwhile, the Crypto-currencies and everything around them can be compared to the opening of the Old World of America - We know that there is something there, but we can not yet estimate the scale.

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