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For the last two decades, my business partner and I have provided CEO & key executive breakthrough results & protection service to top leaders on four continents leading multi-million & billion revenue companies. . Our greatest success is helping a CEO, now Chairman, to help his company grow from $1.3b to $7.6b revenue in 7 years. . Your call will be with both myself and my business partner so you'll have the power of two attention, which helps amplify and magnify the benefits you'll gain. . We’ve provided our CEO breakthrough and protection program to leaders of “forward thinking” companies such as EBOS Group (largest medical supply company in the South Pacific), Oliver’s Real Food’s (Australia’s fastest growing organic fast food franchise & the World’s First Certified Organic Fast Food chain), IRTH Communications, (top investor relations experts to positive impact small-cap company’s) Feedback ASAP, Hawthorne Direct, Retail Holdings Ltd, The O’Halloran Group, Novartis, Woodmart, Warner Group, Natel, Buttoned-Up, Westie Foods, Investigroup and Turner Manufacturing-Kleenrite . I'm a former top competitive athlete (runner & rugby player for ten years with over 10,000 hours of training & competition), former full-time meditating monk for ten years (over 30,000 hours of deep silent meditation) and over 30,000 hours working with CEOs & their teams assuring they have X-Factor Agility to go beyond stress, obstacles and resistances to inspired breakthroughs. X-Factor Agility means they have the energy, capacity, coherence, clarity, creativity & belief to accomplish what they envision. . I support projects for healing traumatic stress and raising performance for at-risk populations in underprivileged schools, women and veterans.

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Sucks when this happens. I think two things. One, make sure we're not doing this to others....be our own best client. Life just reflecting actions and reactions from our past. Two, could Clarity charge a 10% deposit to lock in the call which gives the power to reschedule if a client can't make it and if they don't reschedule they lose the deposit?

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