Srikanth Rakonda8 Yrs Experience With Digital Marketing

Expert with Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation and E-Commerce Sales. Affiliate Side Hustler. I help you earn passive income online with affiliate marketing.

Number and results-driven professional with years of experience managing online advertising and web content of an e-commerce website. Expertise in managing search engine marketing like paid search, social media marketing, online/display advertising, web site content management and channels.

Following are the activities I handle for a PPC project :

• Keyword Research on different industries
• Web Analytics and Reporting
• PPC Advertising
• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing
• Channels Management
• Purchase Orders Creation
• Inventory Management
• Merchandising
• Data and Product Management
• Content Management
• Competitor Research
• Blog Management
• Copywriting
• Campaign Management
• Email Marketing

Following are some of the activities I follow for Facebook Marketing project :

1) Facebook Fans and Ads Management
2) Facebook Page Engagement
3) Targeting Research.
4) Lead Generation though Facebook Ads.
5) Facebook Retargeting
6) Facebook Analytics
7) Split Testing Ads, Targets and Demographics.

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Recent Answers

Google adwords is the best traffic source for B2B technology niche. Review your adgroups. Try to divide the adgroups as many as possible based on theme.

Split test different landing pages.

Try Snapchat ads..But choose the CPA offer which requires just email submit...Create a simple landing page..For example "Are you age over 18? " with YES OR NO buttons..

CPA is super cheap on snapchat ads. Try Maxbounty offers.

You should offer free analysis report or free trial. You can also offer better pricing and use google adwords and run ads for your competitor keywords. For example their brand name keywords. You can even create landing pages showing the differences between your tool and competitor's tool. If you can share more details about tool, I can give you better inputs.

Install heatmap. You can split test with different landing pages. Try to use simple landing page for better conversions. Try Clickfunnels. They have proven templates. Clickfunnels is a powerful tool. You can easily create entire lead generation funnel. Their landing pages are awesome and convert really well. They have split testing option. You can split test with any number of landing pages. You can set up entire funnel along with email sequence in an hour. You can try clickfunnels for free for 14 days. Here it is one of the simple funnel I created for my students. Go here :

You should try clickfunnels. You can create entire membership funnel and you can share your funnel with others..This solves your problem.

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