Rafał JaroszI will help You keep customers engaged longer.

I can help You boost Your business results by:

* Building or developing high performing multi-channel customer care operations

* Improving metrics like Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Retention rate, Inbound conversions

* Developing Your teams' skills to excel front and back-office operations and Customer relations

* Preparing and executing efficient Voice of the Customer and Customer Advocacy approach

* I will help You manage challenges and risks when changes affect people, operations and technology


Since 2001 I worked with over 40 global and local brands on 60 various projects focused on Customer Care, Experience, Satisfaction and Retention. As team and project manager, adviser or trainer I worked with Customer facing operations sized 10 – 1000 people. And as numbers always give me comfort, my priority is to deliver measurable results and value for Customers and stakeholders.

• Invited as speaker to over 40+ industry events and conferences since 2006.
• Awarded in 2013, 2015, 2016 with “Individual Industry Champion Award” by ContactCenterWorld.com
• Judge in „Top Ranking Performers Awards” 2017, 2018 by ContactCenterWorld.com.
• Judge in „Telemarketer of the Year” 2018 awards by Polish Marketing Association.
• Mentioned in “25 most important people in Customer Care industry in Poland 2016” by CCnews.pl
• Mentioned in “25 most important people in Call Center industry in Poland 2017” by CCnews.pl
• Mentor Board member for MyCustomer.World 2018 conference
• Auditor for “Customer friendly company” certification program by Obserwatorium Zarządzania Foundation (firmaprzyjaznaklientowi.pl)
• Member of CXPA – Customer Experience Professional Association.
• Associate expert in CEM, CRM and Contact Center for ProProgressio Foundation.
• Associate expert cooperating with Polish Banks Association in area of Customer Care.

My linkedin profile : bit.ly/linkedin-rafal

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You can of course use analytics that will give you statistics, but will not answer "Why?". Gathering Customer Feedback is crucial and You have to be preprared for low response rates. For better understanding of Customers' interactions with Your site You can use tracking/heatmap solutions (i.e. Crazy Egg or Hotjar). But most important is to define goals and identify steps that lead to them - what do You expect Customer will do or act like? What needs to be done to acheive it? Then start monitor those steps, gather feedback, mae changes and see if this works looking at stats.

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