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Any Scrum Master or Team Member is keenly aware that they are expected to deliver software each and every iteration that provides value. Reporting, measurements, and metrics are vital part of that effort, which going forward I will just lump together in only one term called “reporting”. Some of us already know that reporting has been with us since before the dawn of software. We need reporting to help guide us, to alert us, to inform us when a change or course correction is needed. Without reporting we are running blind in the dark. Whether the organization you are working in runs 2, 3 or 4 week Sprints, reporting is as necessary as breathing air. Reporting is the direct result of the inherent need to measure, digest, and understand key data for decision making. In Agile, that reporting part must be quick and easy to get, read, and understand. Add to this the fact that in Agile you do not have time to build reporting during the execution of any iteration. That has to be already setup and available before the proverbial gun goes off at the starting line of the Sprint.

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