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The solution is definitely developing a well-defined App. Call center are always an indirect way of connection between the driver/the responsible people and the parents. However, in an emergency or urgent situation, both sides want the most direct means to convey the information.

We recently developed a similar closed-circuit App to be used in some of the international schools in Asia, so I can help you to provide the initial guidance on UI/UX related issues.



the answer is a little bit late maybe :)) but i still wanted to reply..

The most common mistake by the start-ups are the ambition to do everything by themselves. Being cost-effective shouldn't mean "doing everyhting, in-house or on your own". Spending right amount of money on the right source can make the process more smooth and can help you focus on the correct target as well.

If you are a start-up, don't think that everything counts on only money. Be creative and create alternative business models, which still keeps win-win situation. For example, instead of spending a bulk amount of money on developing a prototype or creating a pitch video for crowdfunding, propose a smaller amount of down payment until the project successfully launched and then give more money or shares as a compensation. I'm quite sure that you will find some professional who are interested in your ideas and can accept this kind of business model.



Hi. The easiest way for this is to use the power of "Social Media Marketing". To achieve your target reach:
1. Identify the business groups in solar industry, your target countries, stereotypes etc.
2. create some ad sets and campaigns (yes everything can be regarded as an advertisement) and follow their leads to see how effective is your ad in that group.
3. if the conversion rate is good and the performance of the leads are positive, continue publishing the ad sets and you will get more people showing interest in your website.

if you need their feedbacks and assessment, you can still use the social media. Before starting social media marketing targeting the public, find solar-industry related business people / influencers and send some quick surveys to them (please keep in mind that time is very important for everybody, so you should be convincing them in some way, the common method for this is to provide them some promotional giveaways or industry-related information).

Last but not the least, Facebook and Linkedin seems to be the most powerful media for your targets. Consider having some marketing budget and premium accounts, or hiring some professionals who have already this kind of database.



First, work on three different mock-ups of your next-generation app, each of which is focusing on a different aspect of your initial ideas.

Establish a small-but-effective-enough tester group having similar aspects with your target user and conduct an emprical research through in-depth interviews in three stages:
1. Before they start using the new app
2. During their initial experience with the app and/or after some use
3. After they become an expert user of the app

It sounds a very traditional method, but it always works great if you are prepared well with your early mockups and questions during the in-depth interviews.

Second stage of the research is the analysis of the findings which brings you lots of original and innovative potential ideas waiting to be implemented on your next generation products :))

Please always remember to include your users in your development process to make it more custom-tailored to their needs.



it really depends on what product you want to get designed, or the amount of detail you expect from the service provider.

For a startup, I would advise you to consider a turnkey solution provider, who can give you the design, development and manufacturing all in one. the total price will be more reasonable in this way. You can even consider adding contract manufacturing to save the total costs.


Hi, you can get the most reasonable price from China. the total fee you should pay will include the fee for a diecut (if it will be a new layout) and material cost.

if your manufacturing base is also in China, you can directly send the boxes to your factory, otherwise you can ship them to any country out of China.

in both cases, the total cost shouldn't be that high.

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