Lindsay OConnorDigital Marketing Maven

Marketing CoFounder & Senior Marketing Consultant in B2B Tech & Healthcare Industries (AirBnb, Shell, & more).

Hi there, I'm Lindsay: I develop, scale, and optimize data-driven marketing campaigns to increase engagement, build trust, and generate meaningful ROI.

For the past 15 years, I've combined innate business acumen with a deep understanding of product development and go-to-market strategy to effectively lead creative teams, exceed marketing objectives, and ensure success throughout all stages of the marketing cycle.

What's more, I truly love working with others who share a passion for innovation and envision a more connected, human-centered approach to digital marketing through data transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

My Specialties:

• Marketing Automation
• Go-to-Market Strategy
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Content Development and Management
• Multi-Channel Marketing
• CRM Management
• Market Research
• Paid Social Advertising
• ABM Marketing
• Marketo
• CMS Development and Management
• Account Management

Recent Answers

Hi there -

This is a great business idea, and certainly one that would likely have few competitors - given the technical complexities of executing this business model, have you consulted with anyone on your business plan, budget, personnel? I can see a variety of businesses in multiple industries would need this service. I'd love to learn more about it and if I could assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy for launch - feel free to reach out!

Hi there -

I'm sorry to hear you've been having difficulty with launching a successful social media marketing strategy for your video production company.

As you already know, social media marketing is an essential component of your growth strategy. Social media can connect you with customers and increase awareness about your brand.

Sometimes, it only takes a quick outside perspective to help you refine your marketing strategy, by identifying roadblocks and discover solutions: I specialize in helping SBMs, like yours, develop successful social media campaigns to improve engagement, generate leads, and increase your reach. I'd love to help - please feel free to reach out:

Hi there -

Organic content marketing is one of your best strategies for both building brand awareness and attracting new customers. You mentioned this audience is extremely niche, so you likely wont illicit huge traffic to your product pages (if you have any). A social content strategy will nurture the audience you already have and help spread the word about your business. I'm happy to help walk you through on how to start building a plan for this - feel free to reach out with questions!


Yes, it is possible to White Label a WordPress theme both in the source code, as well as on the front-end of the site, as you would use your own company logo. Through some research, you can find companies that exist for this sole purpose. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on how to do this or need referrals to companies.



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