Deepak JhaI am a Business Consultant from last 7+ years.

I am a Business Consultant and will help you in getting your business online from scratch. I am doing this from last 7+ years and helped many local and international business to getting visibility and acquiring new customers.

If you are still not getting leads then I would suggest to get online where you will find millions of opportunities with my help.

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Registrations depends on who you audience is and what you are offering. Its quite hard to suggest anything before knowing actual thing but still I would suggest to offer something free to your audience which can be convertible as paid in future.

Content monitization completely depends on the traffic that you are getting, because without traffic analysis it will be blind attempt. So first analyse your current traffic then you can explore monitization platforms like Google Adsense etc or even you can go with affiliate offers that will give you some good bucks😎

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