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Passionate about HR, challenges and projects, experienced Startup professional.
Managed projects in: USA/Germany/Argentina/Austria/Belgium/Brazil/Chile/China/Costa Rica/ Holland/ France/ Mexico/ Sweden/ Switzerland/ Portugal/ U.K.
Training facilitator: +2,000 hours. In 2017 - 150 hours, 800 participants
Executive Coaching: over 1,000 hours (English, German, Portuguese)

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Hi. A lot of information about if we start to break down into small pieces?

1) You have a baby at home with no one to take care of it
2) You have a 4 year experience gap
3) You are not sure if you want to be an entrepreneur or an employee
4) You need/want a certain amount of income

Is this so? Out of all 4, the least of your problems is the 4 year experience gap...I am being serious here. I could tell you to start working part-time, but I am not sure if this will cover whatever financial expectations you might have (although it will solve your baby issue). I could advise you to start working as a temp somewhere, but you may not make as much money as you need/want. Those 2 options will get you a job in no time...but then it comes the question: are you ok with having someone bossing you around? Or do you enjoy your current freedom as a business owner? If you love your freedom, if being with your child as much as possible is something you are not willing to give up, then being an employee will bring nothing but frustration down the road...

You should also be prepared to those "tricky" questions about your 4 year employment attention, it was an employment, not experience gap...being an entrepreneur gave you a whole new set of skills and competencies you wouldn´t have when asked about that, be ready to answer back with everything you experienced and learned during that time...

But right now, you need to focus on what you really want so your energy flows in the right direction.

Feel free to contact me if you need some support with the decision making process. I have a few exercises that might help you

All the best!

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