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Persuasive Digital Marketing for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. I use rebel thinking, cutting-edge persuasion engineering, and best practices digital marketing to navigate the rough seas of the internet and reel in treasured customers for lifestyle entrepreneurs running freedom businesses.

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Digital marketing, which is also called inbound marketing, online marketing and internet marketing, is a blanket term for any marketing activity that occurs over the internet. Like the childhood game of hide and seek, clients and customers find you via social media and search engines. You make yourself easy to find with proper website development, search engine optimization ( SEO), a good content marketing strategy and a diverse social media strategy focused on the right audience. is a digital marketing channel because people come here to seek advice from experts. This is the opposite of traditional marketing, which includes print media, television and radio, where the marketer comes looking for the client or customer who may not need the marketers product or service at that time.
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