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Everyday is planned in advance and I like to chunck types of activities into certain time blocks of the day with breaks every hour to refresh.

I am always striving for better productivity in all aspects of life and I love Superbetter. It gamifies goal achievement and helps overcome adversity in your own life through thought provoking challenges, definitely worth a try!

After having invested in many properties in Central and South America, my best advice to start is to set your personal investment goal first. What wort of property are you looking for? Residential house? Condo? Apartment? Commercial Property? Do you have a bank account in Spain already? LOCAL real estate professional? Attorney to help guide you? Have you been to Spain already? Most of the very best deals and professionals are not found on the internet but by visiting the local areas in Spain you are considering and asking around. There is no substitute for this boots on the ground due diligence. You can make money or lose money in any area of Spain, you must first know your investment goals and criteria and how this will fit into your current lifestyle.
This is something I would love to talk to you about if available.

Having a best selling book on Amazon and a few other ebooks and copyright digital material, it's always nice to be contacted from thoughtful experienced entrepreneurs.
You should reach out to the IP owner privately and ask if they do revenue splits, licensing or have a joint venture program in place and how they work with partner/marketers.
Show them how you both can come out ahead with your proposal. Hope that helps.

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