Alejandro MatheuMD Professional with an MBA and a MMK

MD, MBA, MMK, founder of iGeek Master, and Alejandro Matheu Digital Marketing Agency, Skilled in Healthcare Consulting, Medical Education, Google Adwords Professional, Data Analysis, Patient Education, Medical Marketing, passionate of teaching and crazy for innovation.

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A really good question!
I've lanched an App and "it has been cloned".
What makes and app successful depends on many things...
- If you are the first launching it.
- Your marketing strategy to reach the correct people
- How the client benefits of your app, is it relevant? Useful? interesting?
- Is your app user friendly and easy to share?
- And many more...

Also there are a Lot of things that the competition cannot copy, and in those things is what you have to focus.

I hope this help at least a Little.

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