Greg EdwardStart-up founder and entrepreneur for a SAAS B2B

Start-up founder and entrepreneur for a SAAS B2B ecommerce business growing at 1,500%/ year. I'm an expert at go-to-market strategies and business plans and I'm creative when it comes to bootstrapping, and sales stacking. Love advising software companies and sharing everything I've learned in my journey with those following my footsteps.

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I run a B2B business, and I can tell you that the majority of our leads are from SEO. The difference between good SEO and poor SEO, is optimizing for the purchase-intent. So many people want to dominate the now, but they forget about the long game. Dominating the now, is very expensive (PPC, marketing to affiliates, etc.) but making incremental investments into the SEO where the money is at. Why? Because one of the major factors investors will always ask about your business is-- wait for it -- What is your CAC? Customer Acquisition Cost, right? Well, if you are optimizing organic strategies like I did, than eventually, your CAC comes to $0. And there is nothing better in business than being able to capture more revenue into your profit.

I can tell you all the ways of Ive been taught, tried, and dominated in the SEO arena...and we can even build a step by step custom strategy for your business. Lets setup a call.

Well, Im not sure what level of website you need, but I've built websites that are modern, responsive, have chat, contact forms, and even some basic ecommerce functionality with checkout and credit card payments for under a couple thousand. It all depends on the tools you use, the complexity you need, and how greedy the company is that you are asking to build it for you. BTW I agree that there are some websites that are over $30k...but honestly....if you are a business doing less than say 5 - 10M a year, you shouldn't be worried about spending that much unless you are some AirBNB, or Uber type of ecommerce business.

Lets setup a call and I am confident I can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a website. I have plenty of examples I can share as well.

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