Oliver EnglishThe 4x Leads and Sales Facebook Ads Consultant

- A 324% increase in conversions on a landing page in 6 days
- 0 to 9 consultation signups
- $1.62 B2B leads (12.7x lower than budget)
- $0.64 B2C leads
- A high-quality B2B 18.62% conversion rate landing page
- A 4x improvement to Facebook ad results

All results I've gotten my clients.

And how?

1. Landing page conversion optimisation
2. Captivating ad copy and creative
3. Marketing strategy and consulting
4. Launching + managing Facebook ads

I've worked in a range of niches, Property, E-commerce and Coaching/ consulting, B2B and B2C.

You see, most Facebook advertisers don’t really know what they are doing.

Most of the time they have just heard of how to do something. Often they don't have experience getting results.

Here are some client testimonials, with results I’ve achieved:

"Working with Oliver is always a pleasure, and his help has been far beyond what I could expect…
He helped me 4X my results, and thanks to him, the whole project is on target and ahead of schedule!"
- Drake S

"Oliver is very much in demand, but if it's facebook marketing you're after, grab him if you can...
enthusiastic, reliable and a pleasure to work with!"
- Jane P - Chalet Seller

“When we started, Oliver warned me that we might need at least one month to see results.
In fact, Oliver brought me results in 2 days! I was extremely happy with the results.”
- João M - CEO Boutique Madeira

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Recent Answers

Unless you have a big or very engaged audience on Facebook, contrary to what seems to be popular advice, avoid large amounts of organic posting.

It depends on your business, but posting 1 time a month could potentially be enough. It all depends on your goals, what content you have available (and it's quality.)

Instead, focus your efforts on Facebook advertising.

This way you can get to your ideal customer (that isn't already acquainted with you) and if you've been running your business for a while, using a good quality lookalike audience is your best bet.

Get clear on your customers biggest desires, and give them something that satisfies their desire.

For lead generation, offering some type of lead magnet and creating a sales funnel is the best way to go.


Calculating from those numbers, I've calculated a P value of 0.003, that's pretty statistically significant.

You'll need to make sure the only variable is the content.

If you've run the ad at different times, or to different audiences, you won't be able to find out why it was definitely, but you'll have a few ideas why it did so.

If you've run it as the image is the only variable, you have two possibilities:
1. You aren't optimising for website clicks
2. You've run that ad for a short period of time, and Facebook's only just optimised for one ad

Otherwise, any changes you've recently made to the audience would also throw this off, one ad creative can be cheaper for one audience but more expensive to another.

Hope that helps
Oliver English

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