Matthew BertulliBest Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Co-Founder & CEO of Pela Case, a very fast growing (7 figures, 25%/mo. growth) eCommerce brand in the eco-friendly space.

Co-Founder & CEO of Demac Media, one of the top global eCommerce agencies / managed services companies. I started out as a freelance developer 6 years ago and today Demac Media has ~90 employees and ~100 customers which represent north of $6B in global retail sales.

I love talking about building and growing services businesses, something that gets much less attention than product centric companies these days.

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We've tried so many different models of this over the years it actually hurts to think about.

What we currently do for "core/critical" staff is we base bonuses on gross margin. We also tie a % of commission to sales people to gross margin so that there is an alignment on incentives between production staff and sales staff.

Is it perfect? Hell no. It does work the majority of the time though.

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