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I wish you would have stated in your question what your monetization strategy is.

The answer will vary depending on whether you are selling to the talent, the hiring entity, or others (Maybe the talent schools? Casting agencies? Advertising agencies?).

The framework to answer each of these will be quite similar: Create a point of connection, outline the problem for that particular segment of the audience, present how your solution helps them, and then direct them toward the first Entry Point to your service.

In some instances, it will be advisable to include points to raise your credibility, such as testimonials, certifications, awards, etc.

More than glad to offer more specific help if you need it.

The ideal scenario is where you define the role and objective of each conversation.

For example, your PPC leads would lead into a conversation around a value proposition looking to solve one very real problem (need or interest) for a specific vertical among those options.

When that conversation occurs, and you come out having provided what they were looking for, then you can invite them into a deeper engagement, which may be to open a trial membership for a set period of time.

Once they do that, you can engage with them mid-way through their trial to get their impressions, and measure whether they are likely to become a full paid member.

After that, you engage through onboarding and making sure everything goes smoothly.

This is a stair-step model to take people from barely knowing about you, and ease them into becoming a paid client.

I have 24 years of experience in digital, and I own the premium digital firm in Downtown Tampa. I can tell you exactly what the problems with your site are and how to fix them. We can get online for an hour (which I'll be recording) and go through your whole website, while giving you real solutions on copywriting, layout, design, and user experience. Then I'll send you the recording, which you can then forward on to your web developer to get everything done.

(Warning: I will be brutally honest, I don't hold anything back.)

I purposefully have not shared any tips in this comment because I am absolutely certain that this won't help you. Ethically, the right thing to do is to offer only what you need.

If you want to solve all of the issues quickly, reach out.

All the best.

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