Ken WheatleyFounder, Royal Security Group LLC

Former SVP with Sony Electronics, and former FBI Special Agent, with extensive domestic and international experience in business management, leadership, non-profit Boards, non-financial risk management, operational resilience, crisis management, corporate and supply chain security. Previously, founder and president of KenTech, Inc., a medical engineering and services company.

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Do you ultimately want to be perceived as "Walmart" or "Nordstrom"? If what you're emphasizing is low price, then that's who you'll attract and that's what you'll be competing on.

Raising prices in the future would be very difficult as well.

It would be more satisfying, (and your margins will be higher) if you stress the value they would achieve by using the service.

Even more so in a global economy. Both skill-sets are required in varying percentages, depending on what's going on in the business. Effective leadership is about inspiring and instilling confidence and "followership" in your staff, and demonstrating strength of character, conviction, and stability to customers. "Managing" is the set of skills needed to competently run the business. You have to have both, in good measure, to succeed.

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