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~ Director of Biz Dev ~
In my first year, without a dedicated marketing resource, I set (and held) over 800 meetings. Developed over 300 pieces of unique sales collateral, sent over 37,000 outbound messages across different channels, and onboarded over 300 net-new clients.

~ Enterprise SDR ~
Despite seeling into a new vertical, tripled 15-year company record of qualified opportunities within first two months in the role, resulting in 58 opportunities, pipeline exceeding $680k and over 250% quota attainment.

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Identify your ideal customer persona. Find those individuals. Conduct market research with those individuals in exchange for a free trial / sample of the product. Understand what motivates them and their pain points. Follow up with an under 3 minute, anonymous, survey after they've used the product.

Identify how/where/why you're getting closed business and hammer that channel/method.

Then build a team of specialists and operate as a GM/coordinator.

What's your ICP? How do you find them?

I completely agree with JD's sentiment re: focusing on the business = finding leads.

From my experience setting hundreds (if not thousands) of meetings without existing brand awareness, it's crucial to identify your ICP (ideal customer persona). I'd recommend focusing on this process, testing messaging, and generating your leads yourself.

As a result, you'd be able to save money, better understand the pain points of your customer and ultimately make a sound investment in a lead generation service/hire.

Do you have an understanding of your ICP? What are the most effective channels you've pursued?

Happy to chat more...

First of all, it sounds like you have a great idea with a positive impact.

To your question:

Make sure to include a chat option in whatever page you have clicked-through from your PPC. In addition, what information are you able to capture on your landing page (that I presume clicks through)? I'd highly recommend including a phone number. Whatever info you do capture, make sure to follow up as soon as possible (within 10 minutes ideally). I'm happy to share more next steps from here.

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