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Founder and operator of multiple Boston area restaurant & bar concepts. Operations consultant and hospitality enthusiast. Is your team engaged?

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Being located in a tourist area, and having had restaurants in tourist areas, you need to reach out to the resorts, hotels and local merchants. Since anyone can take out an advertisement in a publication, I'd suggest inviting the local concierge and merchants in for an hour or two to begin to build relationships and eventual referrals. Tasty sample menu items and a cocktail will go a long way and are a small investment. Essentially you're throwing a party. I still make this part of my annual marking plan and coordinate with Christmas season, it's a great way to make sure you are remembered. Second, a press release to the local media highlighting your establishment and what makes it unique and worth the trip. Is it a special menu item or cuisine, a well know chef, a unique historic location, a traditional atmosphere or a cool story? The goal here is to create a curiosity that may lead to a free story in a local publication, much more powerful than taking out an advertisement and all it takes is some creative writing and your time. This will also get the attention of the local residents, which deserve your attention as well. Best of luck, if you have any questions let me know. Michael

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