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Over 20 years experiences of which 14 years in senior management positions (such as CEO, CFO, Regional Head) for small to some largest companies across Asia. Helps more than 30 companies from different industries and mentor numerous CEOs and Top managers. Digital business transformation, world-class management and with multi-disciplines (especially in the field of General Management, Finance/ Taxation, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Information Technology, and Business Development). Through unique proprietary business frameworks, Helps clients to grow their companies where one of the startups is now worth SGD30 millions. Devotes times in shaping management models for all aspects of the business. Many models and tools developed are widely used by clients and some had embedded into their business functions for healthy growth. Specialities: management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, business clarity, decision making, and value creation

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I am working on this with 380+ clients on this challenge, but I put it as 'how to keep the business/ company survive?'.

Making money quickly and maintaining cash flow are part of the surviving process.

A good question with no answer, as different businesses determine surviving differently.

Very simple.

B - A - C = D

A. The business value before you join the Startup.
B. The business value after you join the Startup
C. Your salaries and respective expenses
D. Business value added

Use D to negotiate your equity value.

Call me, if you have any question to ask

The answer is simple, build a interim sales generator.

You can contact me to design an interim sales generator to produce your desired sales.

Three approaches:
1. Evidence-Based Decision Making
2. Test the idea
3. Draw a business map

The outcome is to validate the idea - making a conclusion in the range from good to bad,

If you like to explore any of the 3 approaches, I am happy to help.

Before answering your question, it is important to know your business status - stage of business cycle, facing any crisis, financial position, quality of your solutions to customers, etc.

With better understanding of your business, we can answer your question with a solution. Otherwise, the answer to your question will be a long list of "how to" and you may get a better answer by searching Google.

Whenever we look at which market to target, there will be many testing, guessing, solution adjusting to achieve product-market fit. If you solely focus on segmenting the market and adopt some marketing techniques to increase prospects’ attention or leads, you will still get no way as product-market fit cannot be achieved.

Hope the above can help you to relook at your question and prorise your requirements.

I am currently mentoring a Startup that works on the solution you are looking at.

There are many options available and you can find them easily through people or the Internet. But I think your real question is "how to choose the best option to bring your dream to reality". If I am you, I will ask my question instead of yours as I believe it will be more valuable to you.

Please feel free to contact me if you need my help.

There are three questions to answer:

1. Are you selling a wonderful product or selling something people know and wanted to have?

2. Turmeric more valuable or the latte? What values are you driving? You are looking for customers to take latte enjoyment or turmeric for health or both?

3. If to bring the wonderful product to a market that doesn't know your product and thus shows no interest in it, how much money you have?

If the answers for all the above three questions are unfavorable, I am very sure you had failed to have your product-market fit. Then your challenge is not above how to increase sales but how to sell the right product to the right customer.

Feel free to contact me if you need help.

I mentored +350 entrepreneurs in various industries and grow some of them from Startups to Public Listed. Many of them are digital companies such as e-commerce, web services, apps developer, and Saas. I still mentoring 2 Saas Startups while the rest of Saas companies are now in the growing stage or breakthrough ready to impact the world.

If you like to cover financial, legal, marketing, sales, product development, and shaping a Scalable, Repeatable, Viable Business model that can grow heartily and produce your desired results, I am happy to help.

Almost every day people come to me to help him/ her find a purpose. Many had tried defining life mission, set SMART goals, develop strong passion, the law of attraction, you just name it ... but the outcome is unsatisfactory.

There are a few challenges that keep holding them back:

1. the purpose seems to be incorrect after some times
2. unsure whether the purpose chose fit you
3. Too many choices, wanted to take up as much as possible
4. over concerns what is your life mission
5. unable to align current goals to your life mission
6. lack of imagination to visualize 20-30 years vision
7. excessive focus on setting a schedule to achieve the goals

If you are facing the above, probably you need to consider looking for a robust framework that you can work on to a) find a purpose, b) progress smoothly. c) track progress. d) shape purpose, and e) create impactful values to bring more happiness to self and others.

Please feel free to contact me if you need me to help to align your thoughts through a clarification session or a coaching program to develop the purpose using our Growth Framework so that you can achieve a) to e) above.

I am in Singapore, help many e-commerce businesses grow sales 5x to 15x last year. One major challenge to the growth is cash flow.

There are many factors to look at and these 3 major areas are critical:

1. Cash flows - you need to study the cash flows patterns (short-term, middle-term, and long-term) and develop a cash flow model for your business. Without this, you can't even tell when and how much money you needed + unable to identify business survival risk from cash flows perspective + to determine where is the trapped cash

2. Behaviour of the revenue and cost - this is essential to help you determine the break-even point, commitments, maximize profit, strategies to increase revenue and reduce cost, how much to invest in operation vs improvement of the business.

3. Capital structure - there are 3 main sources of cash, i.e. revenue, loan, and equity. There are other areas such as Government grants and donations which the impacts are not significant enough to focus on. When we talk about capital structure, we will look at what is a good mix of loan and equity to manage your business gearing risk.

After you have the above 3 sets of information, you can determine how many loans to take up and how to allocation them to different aspects of the business.

Do note that good cash flows management will improve your cash position, but to increase your sales, other techniques are needed but not discussed here.

+22 experiences in helping +350 SG and Asia companies to grow from a startup to listed across many industries. We cover all aspects of the management of the companies, financial and taxation services, boost sales & profit, improve processes, and growth framework to grow companies.

If you have any question, please contact me here or whatsapp +6596254931,

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