Louis ConiglioDigital Marketing Growth & Strategic Partnerships

Owner & CMO @ DankStop.com

Looking to grow your business or personal brand?

I launched and scaled an ecom company called DankStop.com from $0 to $5M+ in annual revenue, utilizing an Instagram account that I built in a niche where guerrilla marketing was the only option to market.

I am a digital media marketing professional and can help you grow and scale your business.

I have a strong focus in social media growth and strategic partnerships.

I've worked with top celebrities and influencers on campaigns that have been viewed by millions of people.

Feel free to send me a message regarding your goals and I'll let you know if I can help.

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I really enjoy PipeDrive specifically for organization purposes and implementation of leads. Some of the functionality that you requested isn't present though, so it might not be your ideal fit. It would be great for your sales agents though, if you have any. Goodluck on your search! :) - Louis Coniglio

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