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My B2B lead gen agency has sent more than one million cold emails for both startup, scaleup and agency clients.

I'm also the Chief Business Officer at Cleevio which is a full-service product development agency.

As a hobby, I run a popular "Entrepreneurs in B2B Sales" podcast where I interview top B2B founders, marketers, and sales leaders.

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Are you trying to use the emails for outbound sales and cold emails trying to start a conversation or is this for marketing efforts?

To answer your questions:

1. Cold email is a game of numbers however you should know your limits. You know why you didn't convert? Because maybe all of your emails got delivered into SPAM folder. Nobody saw them. You can't send 400 emails just like that. If you want more hands-on advice just send me your cold email and I'll give you feedback on it. I do it on YouTube as well :)

2. I can tell you my stats. 80 emails delivered, 14 replies, 10 positive, 8 discovery calls, 6 proposals, 3 clients - all that in 14 days from the day I send emails. And each client is worth around 5 figures.

Cold email does work. But most people don't know how to write them and what are the logistical steps around it.

If you need advice let me know.


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