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Agree with others that, if you really want to do this, hire someone via a freelancing site.

But I'd ask first whether you really want or need to do this. Emailing people who haven't raised their hand to hear from you will almost definitely result in low opens, little engagement, and a problematic sender score.

You're better off attracting leads to you rather than landing in their inbox uninvited.

This can be so hard when you're a new business and you don't yet have a list. You might have to rely on paid tactics (ads and social posts) more at first than on organic. But, with the right strategy and content, eventually your organic will overtake your paid and you'll have an engaged list that actually turns into leads and customers. Not unsubscribes.

I'm in an education-facing SaaS, and would be happy to talk with you about what I know about what people in the space need right now.

But I second what Laurent said. The most important thing to do is to talk to people.

You have to test your ideas and assumptions by talking to people. You want to hold conversations that will help you learn:

1. Am I solving a problem that people want to solve?

2. Do the people I think have this problem actually have it?

3. Are these people willing to pay to solve the problem? (Payment can happen in time or attention as easily as with money, depending on how you're monetizing your idea.)

4. What do the people I'm talking to care about most? Who do they aspire to be like?

A few possibilities. And, as noted already, if this is a tiny percentage that's not impacting your business you could ignore it.

1. They're spam sign-ups. Have you noticed a wildly unrealistic uptick in overall traffic? You could be getting throttled by bots.

2. There's a problem with your email sender score, so your emails aren't getting through spam filters. What's your deliverability percentage?

3. There's a problem with the email itself:
-> subject line issues decrease open rates or can decrease clicks if there's disconnect between open and what the recipient actually finds inside
-> copy or design issues can cause clickthrough issues

4. There's a disconnect between what people expect when they sign up and what they have to do when they get that email. Do they know they're going to get the email? Is it worth the time for them to take that next step, depending on what value they expect to get from the sign up?

The best people to answer your question would be the people you imagine bringing value to.

Develop a very clear picture of your ideal customer. Answer fo yourself questions like: who they are, who they admire, what matters to them (not what you *think* should matter to them), what problems they most need to solve, what problems they'd be willing to pay to solve, what their willingness to pay would likely be.

Go on a listening tour.

You probably already know a number of people who fit the profile, or who know people who do. And, generally, people like to be helpful (that's why Clarity & other platforms can exist).

On each call, your goal is to challenge your own assumptions.

If possible, record each call and push the recordings through Temi so you can focus on listening and asking good follow-up questions, then fully absorb the words (and find the patterns) afterwards.

It might be brand positioning. Quora is already built around asking a question. Clarity is built around getting answers.

I'd start by answering these questions:

Who is your blog for?

Will they value what you write if they don't know who you are? Will they need you to back up your words with experience?

Is it that you don't want to display your name at all, or don't want to build your blog around your name?

Do you have examples of successful blogs in your space that are run anonymously?

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