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Allycen Brady has been a leading Senior Manager for 13 years with a Big 4 Sourcing and Procurement Technology Practice with 20 years of experience in business transformation and technology implementation projects. Business Strategy Consultant guiding senior corporate leadership in defining business strategy, setting goals and converting those strategies into an achievable plan. A motivated Delivery Lead & Solution Architect excellent at balancing multiple tasks and working under pressure. Independently she consults with small business owners incorporating her skills to develop business plans, growth targets and market expansion for small business.

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I would look at all possible angles particularly the medication perspective as this may be your big ticket selling point. Many of us pet owners find it hard to keep track of meds particularly when we have more than one furbaby.
Reach out to vets as some previously recommended but you may also want to reach out to a manufacturer like Merck Animal Health. Your product could improve their sales and their products performance if meds are distributed more consistently.
You might also want to reach out to private shelters - rescue groups and animal sactuaries, even zoos. Big Cat Rescue in FL, Liz E's Pekingese Rescue in Arkansas. They could share with you the challenges they have in making sure animals are getting their meds and/or treats.
I'd be happy to discuss further if you'd like.
Best of luck!

First thing I started with was researching what my competition would be. Are there any other apps out there already providing the same service - in my area or out of it. There are a couple that I'm aware of Buddytruck & goshare. How successful are these companies? Are they competing in your market? How would you differentiate from them.
Second I would consider your supply chain - are there drivers with the right types of vehicles in the area? What businesses would promote your services to their customers? Engage with the business owners or executives to get their prelim feedback.
Third who are your target customers? How would you engage them?
Fourth would be your financial proposal. Is there enough potential revenue? Do you have the capital to finance it and keep it operational for a year? When do anticipate enough revenue to cover your costs...etc.

I'd be happy to talk through this with you and share my experiences and challenges particularly is founding my own tech startup.
Best wishes.

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