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SEO - I build qualified traffic to your site with Search Engine Optimization. All sites; ecommerce, lead gen, or content I have vertical experience in healthcare, finance, ISP, IT, domain name registries, consumer goods, publishing, education, government, legal, travel, real estate, professional services and more. I have done reputation management for companies and individuals since 2005, handling many difficult cases with privacy, discretion and effectiveness. I combine my search marketing skills with my knowledge of programming and design. This allows me to work with other team members such as web designers, back office/database programmers, copyrighters, etc. Or, I can bring in a team do all of the above. I have a number of patents myself and can help your company develop its Intellectual Property portfolio.

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Don't use a domain with "and" in it

It is considered a noise word from an SEO vantage point.

It adds nothing to the domain from a branding point of view.

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