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Award-Winning and published Sr. Creative Director who has worked multiple Agency's, Corporations, Retail (Brick and Mortar/eCommerce) and Startups. I specialize in three areas; The first being applying creative logic to business objectives (ie: creative that driven by established success metrics), second being career development/mentorship for beginning careers and third, taking an idea and turning it into a viable product.

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Ill answer your question with a question, then I can answer it. Are you looking to create an email blast and capture the attention of said prospects in this manner, ie: bulk marketing, or are you looking for more qualified leads you personally reach out to on a 1 on 1 basis (either by phone, in person or video messaging such as Skype, Go To Meeting, etc)?

Depending on your answer there are a couple very effective ways to approach this....of course that's all dependent on the quality of your work.

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