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There's no reason for you to avoid raising using a convertible note. There are plenty of investors who prefer priced rounds, but for the stage you're at, none of these folks will be involved in the deal.

However, you mention using AngelList. I'm not sure if you intend to try and source that 50k from AngelList -- if so, I'd recommend against that. For such an early part of the raise, you're far better off looking for people already in your network. AngelList's syndicate or Invest Online features are usually more successful for entrepreneurs that already have some fundraising traction and are looking to fill out their round.

If you're looking to find that first investor, there are some ways to use AngelList that could help:
1. You can apply to incubators using AngelList (a great choice, especially if you're not well networked to investors today)
2. You can create a better offline target list of investors by location, category, #/type of investments, etc.
3. You can follow investors, and hope they get intrigued (make sure to list your company and short pitch in your bio)
4. You can more easily identify which investors you may already be connected with via a friend
There are probably a handful of angels, like Sundeep Ahuja, who have published a way for Startups to get in touch

I find it easiest to think of AngelList as programmatic infrastructure for traditional investing decisions - it doesn't change the way investors make decisions, or the strategy you should take to raise financing (at least, it hasn't changed that yet).

Getting your first good investor or two is still much harder than filling folks in after them. The best way to find your first investor is still personal network or introductions.

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