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I had a similar issue in my business: there are so many niche markets I could target? Which one excites me to serve the most, which one would benefit from my services the most and enjoy them? Which one is demanding what I offer and what words will resonate with them so I can capture their interest/attention?

What is your business? What are your potential niche markets you're considering?

Suggestions to help you choose a niche market:

1. Get clear on what you truly want for you. (Our first question becomes, "Who should I serve?" instead of "What matters to me and how can I use my gifts to help others? Is your focus making lots of money, helping people who need help, using your strengths, Is your focus making lots of money, helping people who need help, a combination of those?)

2. You might be your customer avatar. (Who excites you to serve? Often times we want to help people like us.)

3. Get clear on your motivations. (Why is the work you do important?)

4. Get intuitive. There are formulas and strategies out there which are great, but at the end of the day for freelance work, it's really about, "What feels light, easy, and good to me?"

I'd love to dive deeper into this and hear more specifics from you :)

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