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Both, you must mix and match to keep the consumer guessing.. It sucks to just use one method and beat it into the the prospect.. I currently use Urban Airship and a smaller entity for these type of messaging.. My. Most viral and highest ctr were a mixture of push notifications that lead to media within app that where content gated and once unlocked released not only the media, but also a coupon.. You could update the coupon with a serial number that these pushes would provide.. #SecretSauce

Of course and have in the past.. With FB's Open graph search you can laser target buyers and weed out tire kickers.. This is a no brainer :)

Stay completely away from banks in general when picking a merchant services company. Stripe sits on your money for 5 business days and charges 2.75% and $.25 per transaction .. Here' s the trick: Figure out what your average ticket is. Divide the per item fee by your average ticket size. $.25/$10= $.025 ,, add this to your per item percentage and you will derive what you will be paying. Learn what Interchange means and go into the appointment with negotiating power:) Interchange=True Cost.. Hope This Helps!

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