Itamar GiladProduct management/strategy consultant, ex-Google

I'm an ex-Google Product Manager - among other things I launched Gmail's tabbed inbox and lead the Gmail growth team (Gmail now has more than 1Bn users). I've been doing Product management for over 15 years in startups and medium/large companies. I'm now a consultant, coach and speaker.

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Walk away. Very few ideas turn into a profitable business - the odds are strongly against you getting paid.

In my experience every product or feature finds traction with 1%-5% of users - indefinite retention, express strong satisfaction in surveys etc. For paid products the number is usually much lower. The questions you must answer are:
1. What's special about these people? Don't assume they are "techies" or "early adopters" - these answers are too generic and often wrong. You need to reach out to your best users and interview them. If you do enough of these a profile will start emerging - single parents living in suburbs, <50 person companies in the transportation sector ...
2. Why do they love it? What job is it doing for them?

Once you have the answers to both you'd be in a good place to answer the question you're asking - is this a seed of a much larger market that's will grow significantly over the next few years.

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