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Better Together ∑ Win Together Business Executive, High Paid Consultant / Mentor / Coach / Influencer 🔹 MY VISION and MISSION 🔹 I inspire colleagues, clients, friends around the world to do what inspire them and truly capitalize their potential, taking massive action in order to change and be the person/company they have always wanted to be. ✅ Need to increase ROI and market share 10X ✅ Entrepreneurial, Dynamic, and Trustworthy with over 25+ years of outstanding world leader reputation in Strategic Consulting. ☀ Strong leadership with a motivational and goal oriented management style. Highly customer orientated, excellent track record in managing global projects. (in Asia, the Americas and Europe) ☀ Develop continuous improvement methodology in key areas of service profit and growth, and implement and utilize (KPI’s) key performance indicators to drive and quantify cost optimization while maintaining quality service and customer satisfaction. Specialties: My data driven, hands-on value proposition is bringing global operations organizations to consistently high levels of achievement based on my ability to build teams, drive strategy, operations, cost and profitability across multi-site, multi-national operations. My expertise in leading multi-billion dollar organizations in solid economic and financial discipline. Business Philosophy Business Coaching Mentoring Disciplines of Execution High Ticket Sale Business Process Outsourcing Procurement Third Party and International Logistics P&L oversight Kaizen Six Sigma Global Supply Chain Solutions International Trade 3PL & 4PL Strategic planning, applied thought leadership, business case/economic modeling, market research, project management, organization/process effectiveness, product development/positioning/pricing, operations & customer service ☀ Coaching companies wishing to enter the U.S. marketplace. Services provided; Legal, Logistics, Warehousing, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

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We need to start with the outcome in mind; if meeting facilitator knows what he/she would like to accomplish then meeting would be more productive.

Basics are:
1. Create an agenda (and attach to it) and let it know
2. Be prepare
3. Listen to understand
4, Have an assigment to participans as a follow up
5. Stand up meetings are more productive.

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