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Shifting from a 30 year career in Canada as CEO/Pres of Incorporated & Private Start-ups in Commercial Service Industry; logistics of million-pieced inventories; staff that loved coming to work; and outstanding community contributions.

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14 years of my career was as a commercial service industry supplier, plus owned restaurant with elite catering division. As you are the creator of your business and your amazing products, you are the designer and creator of your customer bases. With little detail to the question, the answer here is sweeping - as catering has many sides: whole sale elements; day and night settings; special events by categories which you want to market to; multi-course fine dining; and light affairs - to name a few, right? I was surprised by the diversity my catering took on and got to thinking - who else wants '5 sense' meals - and when and where? If you want, sign up for a call and we will discuss broadening specific categories that you are already working with and envisioning.

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