Ben MistrettaBinghamton Unviersity - B.S. Financial Economics

I specialize in business and technical consulting and was recently promoted at my consulting firm. I work closely with IBM on a daily basis helping clients better evaluate and understand their businesses. Feel free to reach out for anything I can help you with!

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You need to decide which direction your company should go in. If you specialize in burgers, fries, etc. then you need to aim for birthday parties, end of season sports dinners, casual gatherings, and other events like that. If you’d like to schedule a call I’d be happy to talk in more detail. Best!

The best way is to begin with friends and colleagues, and then LinkedIn will suggest hundreds of people who you probably know or know of. LinkedIn is a place for people to interact, so don’t be afraid of shooting someone more experienced than you a message for some advice. It might help you more than you think!

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