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Best way to start an outbound campaign is cold emailing and cold calling. Every company (small or mid-sized) has their own revenue target at the end of the year. If you have a small sales team, then IMO, you should outsource your sales development process and let your sales team focus on closing the deals.

You can contact me at jyoti@marketjoy.com or visit www.marketjoy.com to get a free demo. Feed your sales pipeline with sales-ready prospects and let your AEs close the sales deals.


There are many effective strategies to get more clients, but not every strategy works for every business. Here, I can only give you a roadmap that will help you to reach your goal. Here you go:

Mouth-to-Mouth Marketing:

Try to build a strong brand in your network and ask for the recommendation. Happy clients or people in your network will recommend you which will be huge for your business.

Reaching your audience directly:

Email Marketing is a way to reach your targeted audience, straight to their inbox. People often check their emails to get any valuable update. If you have a strong message that gives your audience a value, then there is a higher chance of success.

If you need any assistance, contact me. I am open for follow-ups.


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